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Aia Ipd Agreement

C195-2008, Single Purpose Entity Agreement for an Integrated Project, is currently available with a number of optional exposures, including cost target amendments. In order to avoid the challenges posed by state licensing legislation, the SPE provides professional construction planning and management services through contracts with its members. The AIA plans to publish in November 2008 a standard form for spe-member services and SPE-Owner agreements. These agreements will define the relationship between the SPE and its members. AIA ipD agreements are available on paper and electronically in the AIA software for contractual documents. The software generates customizable Microsoft Word files. “We are pleased to present these agreements that provide a clear set of guiding principles for implementing the business models and objectives we have outlined in the ipD guide,” said Suzanne Harness, Executive Director and Counsel, AIA Contract Documents. “By providing both the transition forms and a comprehensive approach to integration, parties can choose the most appropriate format for their projects.” The collaborative nature of Integrated Project Delivery, with shared risk and shared gain, leads to the contractual definition of many aspects of the relationship. It is unclear, however, how the courts will interpret the provisions of the multi-party agreements, with unusual risk limitations and blurring of responsibilities. The delivery system, by focusing on contractual liability instead of negligent liability, means that case law is not very valuable. With so many unknowns in the legal treatment of collaboration in design and construction, insurance coverage options are difficult to define and tout. Both types of AIA IPD agreements require the use of construction information models (BIM) and implement the planning and construction phases identified in the IPD guide.

IPD phase names reflect the need to remove conventional phase names associated with linear processes, such as. B design of targeting schemes and development of schemes, in favour of phase names that better reflect the integrated processes. . . .



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