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Atlantic Cable Maintenance And Repair Agreement

Global Marine`s special maintenance vessels, wave Sentinel and Pacific Guardian, will serve ACMA17 from their respective bases in Portland, UK and Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Both vessels are equipped with powerful remote-controlled vehicles from the Atlas and ST200 series, which offer flexible and efficient solutions for monitoring, cutting and burying cables. Founded in 1965, ACMA is a non-profit cooperative maintenance contract that acts exclusively in the interest of its members. ACMA members are companies responsible for the operation and maintenance of submarine communications and electricity cables, as well as oil and gas platform operators in the Atlantic, North Sea and Southeast Pacific. The ACMA is a non-profit cooperative submarine maintenance contract composed of more than 60 members. ACMA members are companies responsible for the operation and maintenance of submarine communications and electricity cables, as well as operators of oil and gas platforms in the Atlantic, North Sea and Southeast Pacific. Global Marine has provided maintenance services across the Atlantic since the first cable was laid in the nineteenth century and has been an important supporter of ACMA since its inception in 1965. Global Marine currently provides maintenance support in three of the six zonation agreements worldwide. With around 1,150 turbines already installed at sea, Ørsted is the world`s largest operator supplying 13 million people with clean electricity. The agreement covers most of the organisation`s UK portfolio of offshore wind farms, including nearly 900km of submarine panel cables. Ian Douglas, CEO of Global Marine Group, added: “Cable maintenance is an essential component of our business and for many years we will be able to combine this historical telecommunications experience with the group`s electric cable experience, linked to our participation in the offshore renewable energy boom after the millennium.” These cables can be damaged by ships (anchor, fish trawling), but also by earthquakes, or even erosion (opacity currents, abrasion) or power cuts. As soon as the error has been detected, the cable navigates within 24 hours with the appropriate human and technical resources on board to the repair area.

Ground stations and technicians on board perform measurements to locate the error. The cable is then put back on board, the damaged section is cut and replaced. Bruce Neilson-Watts, MD at Global Marine, added: “It is a real pleasure to accept this extension to provide ongoing services to ACMA members until 2025. Global Marine is proud of its bond and decades of fruitful relationships with acma parties. In particular, I welcome the flexibility that allows wind farm owners to cooperate with both Global Marine and Treaty members to carry out inter-array replacements and thong repairs. As governments move to an increasingly green agenda in the face of climate change, we are witnessing huge developments in the field of renewable and offshore energy, which is proving to be an increasingly valuable service. Lord. Douglas continued: “This is a revolutionary business and technical approach to the maintenance and repair of electrical cables, and we believe it will set the plan for the future of combined cabling and sub-submarine asset agreements that will bring benefits to everyone in different sectors. ACMA President Alasdair Wilkie (Digicel) said: “I am very pleased that we have been able to agree the terms with cable providers of the agreement and to ensure that the ACMA region continues to enjoy a high level of maintenance protection with the special repair vessels of the agreement. . .




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