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Binghamton University Housing Agreement

“We`ve strengthened our housing contract, if you don`t do what you`re supposed to do, we`ll take you out of the apartment and we`ve had to do it so far for 14 students,” said Brian Rose, the vice president of student affairs. We offer a little experience of school life within a leading public university. Our committed collaborators and faculty engage with students in building strong communities that foster personal development and academic success. Our six diverse residential areas provide Bearcats with a second home that supports learning and growth. The university also strengthened its expectations of students through a legal and mandatory document that had to be recognized by students. All students must participate in the Residential Life room self-selection process in order to provide on-campus accommodation. Applying for accommodation is a separate process and should be made as soon as you are aware of your accommodation needs. one. All first-year university students, regardless of the credit hours earned, must live in university accommodation for their first academic year, unless permission to live off campus is obtained by the Office of Residual Living. However, students cannot reside in roommates.

Local front rows in Broome, Tioga or the southern districts of Chenango can either live on campus or commute home. The exceptions apply to married students who are 21 years of age or older. The university also made accommodations in a local hotel to treat students from hot-spot states. b. Student residents are required to comply with all applicable safety codes and health standards when using private equipment and equipment (if possible). . . .



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