24 Sep


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India Russia Logistics Agreement

• Once the pact is signed, the Indian Navy, equipped with a force of warships of Russian origin, will be able to safely transport exercises using the agreement. While the fighter jet has access in accordance with the proposed pact. According to him, “such agreements between friendly and like-minded nations simplify logistics for fleet maintenance and eliminate the need for ships to return to home ports. Using a friendly port and the services of this nation greatly reduces the “downtime” of ships and also allows them to trust ships that help would not be far away, even if you are thousands of miles away from your own country. “These agreements increase the reach of navies that do not have to deal with logistics, as it is guaranteed that the partner country immediately meets all requirements,” he adds. The deal gives India access to Russian facilities in the Arctic region, which is seeing increased global activity due to the opening of new shipping routes and the availability of resources, officials said earlier. India recently announced investments in the Russian Far East. Under the signed pact, warships will have access to exclusive economic zones and common ports to refuel and recover stocks. The two countries are also considering revitalizing the Chennai-Vladivostok road as part of the nascent partnership in the Pacific region. This can also be integrated into the defence logistics pact.

Indian media have learned that India and Russia are getting closer to a final agreement on the defense logistics sharing pact and that it is expected to be reached by the end of 2020. Amid tensions with India and China, which are developing along the Actual Line of Control (LAC), India is ready to conclude a logistical support agreement with Russia next month and is in talks with Britain and Vietnam on similar deals. “Warships normally have to refuel every other day; Lack of access to ports can therefore be a serious operational restriction,” the experts say. In June, India and Australia signed the long-outstanding Mutual Logistics Support (MLSA), elevated their partnership to a comprehensive strategic partnership, and also announced a joint statement on a common vision for maritime cooperation in Indopazifik. . . .



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