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Readmission Agreement Eu Serbia

The provisions of this agreement prevail over the provisions of a bilateral agreement or a readmission agreement for persons who are without authorization and who, in accordance with Article 19, have been or may be concluded between the Member States and Serbia, as long as the provisions of this agreement are incompatible with those of this agreement. multilateral agreements and international agreements on the readmission of foreigners. “Requesting country,” the State (Serbia or one of the Member States) that makes an application for readmission pursuant to Article 7 or a request for readmission in accordance with Article 14 of this agreement; 20071108Accords between the European Community and the Republic of Serbia regarding the readmission of persons staying irregularlyTHE HIGH CONTRACTING PARTIES, THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, referred to as “community” and the Republic of Serbia, below , in order to strengthen their cooperation to combat illegal immigration more effectively, , fast and effective procedures for the safe and proper identification and return of persons who do not meet or no longer meet the entry requirements on the Serbia or one of the Member States of the European Union and, in order to facilitate the passage of these persons in a spirit of cooperation, the obligations and responsibilities of the Community, the Member States of the European Union and Serbia arising from international law and, in particular, the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 4 November 1950 and the Convention of 28 July 1951 relating to the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Refugees Statute, CONSIDERING that the provisions of this agreement, which fall within the scope of Title IV of the Treaty establishing the European Community, do not apply to the Kingdom of Denmark, in accordance with the Protocol on Denmark`s position attached to the Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community,HAVE AGREED AS :Article 1 DefinitionsAlcity of this agreement: (a) “contracting parties,” Serbia and the Community; (b) “national of Serbia,” any person with the nationality of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with its legislation; Anyone with the nationality of a Member State within the meaning of the Community; (d) a Member State of the European Union, with the exception of the Kingdom of Denmark; (e) “third country national”: anyone with a nationality other than Serbia or any of the Member States; (f) “stateless person” anyone who does not have nationality; (g) “residence permit”: any species issued by Serbia or by a Member States, which has a person entitled to give a person the right to be on their territory. This does not include a temporary residence permit on its territory in connection with the processing of an asylum application or an application for a residence permit;h) “visa”, an authorization issued by Serbia or one of the Member States to enter or transit its territory.



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