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Sample Termination Of License Agreement

If automatic renewal is not included in the license, a licensee may ask the content owner to notify the licensee several weeks before the license is terminated, so that it can renew itself. Even if a content owner may refuse to license it, it is in their best interest to do so in order to ensure the continuation of the license. Some content owners object to sending such notifications when they have many licenses with different licensees, as this can be an increased administrative burden for them. Some security measures may be applied by licensees to protect protection cartridges from copyright infringement, and these may be included in a license. These guarantees may require licensees to do certain things, such as: at the end of the period specified in the contract, the contract ends, unless it allows an automatic renewal. You can request a certain notification period if the renewal is a new price, so the licensee has time to evaluate that price and determine if his budget allows it. You can ask, for example. B, a clause stipulating that the licensee must set the licensee a period of 60 or 90 days before the termination of the contract to allow the licensee to review and review the price increases. Museum as a licensee: some support may be required for the buyer to make the content fully and continuously accessible. What is appropriate and at what cost? It would be great to provide unlimited resources, but you have to look within your own budget and staff requirements to see what is right for you and still profitable in terms of content licensing. One issue for both parties to consider is whether the agreed fee is included and includes all services related to access to licensed electronic content as well as all applicable taxes. It is best to ensure that none of the parties are surprised later by the hidden or missing licensing fees.

In addition, the license should ensure that the owner of the content does hold the rights to the content he grants to the licensee. This does not necessarily mean property rights as long as the licensee has the right to obtain the content license. This is explained below by guaranteeing and compensating and limiting liability. In the absence of an automatic renewal clause, the licence can only be renewed by a new license agreement signed by both parties. Another issue that is sometimes raised is the situation in which the content owner suspends the availability of some of the licensed content.



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