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State Of Maine Apartment Lease Agreement

Homeowners in Maine must set the rules for smoking on site, even though smoking is allowed and not. These rules can be described in a publication of the Smoking Directive contained in the rental agreement. There are certain conditions and provisions that may not be introduced into your rental agreement: it is a rebuttable presumption that you are taking revenge on a tenant by terminant the lease within 6 months after the tenant complained about the apartment or filed a complaint about fair housing, requested repairs or participated in a tenants` association. Maine rental contracts are mainly used for owners and managers of commercial or residential real estate in order to conclude a contract between a natural or legal person who wishes to rent an area. Most contracts have a term of one (1) year, but the duration of the contract and the lease periods can be set at any value defined in the lease agreement. For the agreement to be legally valid, it must contain the necessary information (see below) and be signed by both parties. It is recommended that landlords and sub-tenants consult the context, creditworthiness and references of their potential tenants to ensure that the applicant is a good candidate for the rental of the property in question. A residential property lease agreement in Maine requires a number of provisions and disclosures. They have the option to include a number of other conditions: The Maine Commercial Lease can be used by property owners who wish to allow a commercial tenant to occupy their offices, industrial or retail. A commercial tenant can be either an individual or a business unit, and the rental space is often equipped or prepared by the lessor in a way that meets the operational needs of the business. There are three (3) main ways to structure this type of arrangement: gross – In that of the tenant. In Maine, for each lease for which the tenant pays the incidental costs (directly or through the lessor), the landlord must provide an energy efficiency statement and disclosure of the distribution company`s information or 12-month energy history. Because of the risks associated with high levels of radon, maine requires homeowners to regularly test the safety of radon levels.

The date and results of these regular tests must be made available to new tenants in addition to the rental agreement, as well as additional information on the risks associated with radon gas. The endorsement made available by the Ministry of Health also requires the signature of both parties in order to recognize the results and risks provided. In case of non-payment of rent, you must announce a written lease 7 days in advance to include the amount of arrears and the tenant`s right to contest the termination. These include other significant breaches of the lease agreement. For all-you-can-eat rentals or if your rental agreement does not provide notice for certain breaches of the rental agreement, you can give 30 days` notice and inform tenants of their right to challenge the termination in court or 7 days` notice for an important reason, for example. B for non-payment of rent or for any other specific reason for termination, as indicated in the rental agreement. Both communications can be sent simultaneously. A tenant who pays the full rent within 7 days can remain in possession. Smokers` Directive (§ 6030-E) – The owner must indicate what the Field Smoking Directive is, whether it is only allowed in certain areas or whether it is completely prohibited.

You may not terminate a fixed-term rental agreement unless the tenant has not paid the rent or breached any of the provisions of the rental agreement that you have expressly indicated that could lead to termination.. . . .



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