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Tax Deferral And Recovery Agreement

Interest on deferred taxes will be collected during the deferral period at an interest rate set by the city – the highest interest rate they can have under national law is 8%; but by “local option” cities and municipalities can use a much lower interest rate. Many cities use interest rates of about 4%; a city uses an interest rate of less than 1%!! (Lexington used an interest rate of 0.12% in 2015.) A deferral of the property tax does not remove a tax liability (as does a tax exemption). Instead, it defers payment until the rightful owner no longer has the house – z.B. if it is sold, transferred to a trust or if the owner dies. On that date, deferred property taxes, plus interest collected during the year, must be refunded to the city or city. It is easy to know if you are qualified and if you are applying. Visit the local assessor and find out if you are following the guidelines for age 65, residence, property, occupancy and annual income. If the owner is qualified, then the owner and the local assessor sign a “deferral and tax collection agreement” of 2 parties. (Anyone with a stake in the property (for example. B co-owner) must also give written permission.) The assessor will register the agreement with the local service.

A right of bet on the land will continue to ensure the payment of deferred taxes to the city if the property is sold or transferred to another party or person. This brochure is not intended for all questions or problems. To find out about the specific licensing and application requirements in your city or city, you must contact your local advisory council. Under state law, only your board of directors, as a local tax administrator, can decide whether you are eligible for a deferral. (November 1, 2017) Given the magnitude of the financial relief, the largest tax relief program for adults aged 65 and over is the ability to defer payment of property taxes. A deferral allows adults to use the resources used to pay taxes for other important living expenses, such as health care, energy costs, home care and the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables. It`s a safe and easy way to free up some of your income to pay for other large bills. You must apply for tax deferral each year to assessors in the city or city where your property is located.



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