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Trade Agreements Essay

Smallbusiness.chron.com (2017). Negative effects of free trade. [online] Available at: smallbusiness.chron.com/negative-effects-trade-5221.html [Access May 8, 2017]. Giumelli, F. and van Roozendaal, G. (2017). Trade agreements and labour standards clauses: explain the evolution of labour standards through a comparative qualitative analysis of U.S. free trade agreements. Global Social Policy, [online] 17 (1), 38-61.

Available at: sagepub.co.uk/journalsPermissions.nav [Access May 8, 2017]. A free trade agreement is a binding trade agreement that has been signed by two or more countries to agree on the reciprocal granting of tariff preferences and the removal of non-tariff barriers in the goods and services sector. In order to deepen the economic integration of the signatory countries, the free trade agreement also covers issues of access to new markets, other trade-related regulatory issues, such as intellectual property, investment, competition policy, financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, the positive effects of free trade agreements on the organization promote freer trade flows and allow companies to maintain closer relationships with our major trading partners. Free trade agreements “not only remove tariffs, but also remove border barriers that impede trade in goods and services between the parties.” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2017) This will open up other trade sectors with the decline of protectionist measures, resulting in increased growth for both sides through investment and trade, which are encouraged. In addition, free trade agreements can make a significant contribution to Australia`s productivity and INCREASE GDP growth. This will greatly benefit organizations by allowing domestic companies to “access cheaper inputs, adopt new technologies and promote competition and innovation.” (BusinessDictionary.com, 2017) Ultimately, Australia`s productivity will improve the organization and benefit the organization by eliminating inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the form of unproductive child industries, resulting in a loss of growth in our economy. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2017) (BusinessDictionary.com, 2017) THE FREI trade agreements promote greater regional economic integration, increase Australia`s attractiveness as an investment objective… Provide better business opportunities that contribute to sustainable economic growth in less developed economies. (BusinessDictionary.com, 2017) The Canadian economy is largely driven by the U.S. economy, which has lowered the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The North American Free Trade Agreement is an agreement that came into force on January 1, 1995 and includes Mexico, Canada and the United States of America.

This agreement is expected to bring in between $1 billion and $3 billion in each country. NAFTA ensures that a certain amount of goods produced and traded between the three Countries Rosewarne, p. (2015). Free trade agreement, temporary migration and the erosion of employment standards. Australian Options, Summer (2014/2015), p.2, 3. “Australia and China will sign a historic Free Trade Agreement (FTA) after the G20 summit in Brisbane. Senator Bill Heffernan warned that the free trade agreement could be a disaster for the country without adequate protection.



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